Pictures; Skolopad Rocks Boerewors Dress To Feather Awards.

Controversial entertainer Skolopad braaied her “boerewors” dress and says it was “delicious.” The Drama Queen of The Year nominee wore a dress made fr...

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Controversial entertainer Skolopad braaied her “boerewors” dress and says it was “delicious.”

The Drama Queen of The Year nominee wore a dress made from clear plastic and boerewors placed in strategic areas to cover her modesty to the Feather Awards on Thursday.

Speaking to The Juice Skolopad said that after she changed into her second outfit, she placed the wors in a cooler box and kept it cool at the BP garage close to the venue.

Skolopad was not going to just throw away the R200 worth of wors, and decided to braai it for her family.

Skolopad and her designer

She wrote on Twitter: “Me,my mom n my child enjoyed #Skolopad Vors. Bafe Braai. (sic)”

The registered nurse turned overnight sensation confirmed to The Juice that it was she same wors she “wore” to the Feather Awards.

And while the wors outfit was still trending on social media , it was Durban’s Zodwa Wabantu who stole the “Drama Queen of the Year” award from Skolopad.

Zodwa Wabantu

Skolopad, who describes herself on Twitter as a “dancer, performer and House kwaito” artist, donned the raw wors dress and, unlike Wabantu, the wors was strategically placed. A charcoal bag was her main accessory.

Skolopad told reporters at the event that she “wasn’t interested in any beef” but just wanted wors.

In Wabantu’s acceptance speech for the Drama Queen of the Year, she fired a shot at Skolopad, labelling her as “trailer”. This was seen as payback after Skolopad described Wabantu as “DJ Tira’s trailer” last month.

But by Friday, Wabantu dialled the rhetoric back ever so slightly, saying she and Skolopad “were good”.

“She greeted me and I greeted her, and she congratulated me on winning the award. We are okay,” she told The Independent on Saturday.

On winning the Drama Queen title, Wabantu said: “I’m so happy being the drama queen. I entertain people, I never hurt anyone, but I am vocal and outspoken. DJ Tira chose my outfit and I’m learning from him. Whatever the outfit, I am the winner.

“I’m after money and I’m not shy to say it. In this world, you have to make as much money, as soon as you can. I don’t play, I work hard,” said Wabantu.

She has just returned from London and confirmed she’s travelling to the US and Australia in February.

It was the ninth year of the annual Feather Awards ceremony, which is also used to highlight issues faced by the LGBTQI community, including “correctional rape” and gender-based violence.

Khumalo took Best Styled of the Year and Fag Hag of the Year, while Kgositau won Role Model of the Year and African Feather of the Night.

Meanwhile, as the two queens of drama trended on social media, with comments such as “Lady Gaga and Skolopad – same WhatsApp group”, SA’s Braai Master, Justin Bonello, quipped that the perfect choice of boerewors for Skolopad’s wors creation would have to be game. “You would have to be good with game to wear that,” he said


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