Kenyan social median personality, Vera Sidika’s had landed in Lagos Nigeria and boy are bothered

Word has it that she hung out with her friends and went for a boat cruise yesterday.

The hips don’t lie madam was spotted with MMMG Boss, Ubi Franklin. In the photo, Franklin was peering into the camera and she did a Snapchat Video. We do not know what exactly is going between those two but we sha smell a rat.

Vera shared these photos on her Snap;

Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika


Vera Sidika is a controversial social media personality that’ll keep you wondering why, we pay her so much attention.

We are wondering what could possibly be going on between the both of them. could it be possible Ubi and Vera Sidika might be ‘up to something?’

Watch appearance at the ‘My Wife and I’ movie premiere.

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