Why Nigerian Men Are Not Romantic–Simi.

Simisola Bolatito Ogunleye, popularly known as Simi, In this interview with CHIDINMA ONOZIE, she talks about love, life, relationships as well as her ...

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Simisola Bolatito Ogunleye, popularly known as Simi, In this interview with CHIDINMA ONOZIE, she talks about love, life, relationships as well as her self-titled sophomore studio album, ‘Simisola’. 

Talented Nigerian singer SIMI has spoken on dating and marriage in Nigeria She said she believes Nigerian men are not romantic .

The beautiful singer , Famous for her hit track ‘Jamb Question’, also speaks about Nigerian men and their attitude when it comes to dating.

The singer who has been allegedly to be romantically connect with Adekunle Gold and Falz the bad guy, disclosed that Nigerian men are not romantic as most of them have been structured into believing they do not have to be romantic.

In her chat with Punch, the vibrant young lady who is buzzing with her hit tracks said she does not believe Nigerian men are romantic. She explained that she has no intention of shading them as she is merely stating the obvious.

According to her, most Nigerian men have a sense of entitlement and feel there is no need to fight for certain things. She made an illustration talking about some Nollywood movie she saw recently. A man had cheated on his wife with another lady and had retraced his steps back home. The wife offended in the scenario was told to kneel down in front of the man afterwards. She sees this as a worrisome trend in Nigeria.

She said “A lot of men grow up in this country feeling entitled to certain things and they believe that they don’t have to work for anything. This has been the case for generations and a lot of our mothers were unhappy because the society expected them to stay in the relationship.”

Simi who described herself as a loyal lover said she is not asking women to leave their relationships even though she would want them to correct the abnormalities they are used to.

“I am not saying it is the right thing for people to leave their relationships but a man needs to fight for what he wants so he can value it. I think the problem is because a lot of Nigerian men feel self-entitled and I blame our culture and our mothers. Most mothers are the problem because when something happens, they are quick to advise the daughter and wives, they don’t tell the men that their actions are wrong. So if a man feels that he does not have to fight to keep the relationship, he would not.

Simi hinted that she is presently enjoying the bliss and harmony of her relationship at the moment. According to her, she puts her all into a relationship the moment she gets in. She said she would only quit a relationship if the person she is dating with betrays her trust. She further explained that she expects whoever she’s with to know what is expected of him. She is ready to get back whatever she does for him.

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