Five Ways To Save Your Marriage From Divorce

Five Ways To Save Your Marriage From Divorce

If you are trying to figure out on how to save your marriage from divorce, they is a help for you. Any couple who dont understand and agree with each ...

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If you are trying to figure out on how to save your marriage from divorce, they is a help for you.

Any couple who dont understand and agree with each other, even if they said i do addiction like ,incompatibility, inability to accommodate each  other lifestyle, extramarital affairs , finance are some of the root curse.

Having said all of this , here are some of the ways to help you save your marriage from divorce.

1– identifying the curse of your marriage problems, now this is not going to be easy, ex-specially if you are someone who refused to accept criticism or admit your mistake.

Although if that discrib you, you are not alone,a lot are like that, but that dont excuse you and your spouse to  go through this process of identify that problem, and resolving the curse, failure to do so it will curse your marriage to wind up in divorce-and for that not to begin you need to take the first step to communicate with your spouse.

2– Stop blaming each other for the problem, doing so will result in more argument and fight.

Since you both are married you should learn to share and compromise with each other, that is what your family and friends want from both ,God want you as well  you are christians.

You may win the argument and still ended up losing your wife or husband, if anyone of you decide to divorce and be with someone else,if you both have kids, you may also involve in the constody of the children as in other for this to be a win-win situations for you and your spouse learn to stop blaming each other for the problem.

3– Spend time with your spouse, most of our time we spend it at work which is understandable, but if work require you to be away from home for days week-or months that could deteriorate your marriage.

Do spend more time with your spouse not just weekends but also weekdays, after dinner time is the best time, dont just watch TV together , but mark it a point to go out, shopping or a stroll in the park, simple things like this can make great wonders in your relationship.

4– Learn to listen attentively- yes , most women like to talk more,and that is their nature and it will always be, the reasons for doing so is not only sharing their concerns, experience and problems with the men they love, but also seeking assurance and you as her husband you need to learn to listen attentively by helping her, you are also helping yur self in return, she will return the favour.

5– rediscover romance in your marriage, with marriage life love can be distracted in many ways, yes by doing the things you both enjoy doing in your dating days. making every birthday, valentines ,wedding anniversary a special occasion for both of you, you can go for a quite dinner, maybe like a social activity for couples, or even go on vacation together ,all this can make wonders.

hope this will help you build your marriage or relationship, please share if your find it helpful, stay positive.



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