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A heartwarming video currently trending on the internet shows moment an 80 year old pensioner in a coronavirus lockdown in Spain, was brought to tears after her neighbours surprised her with a cake for her 80th birthday.

80 year old woman in coronavirus lockdown brought to tears as neighbors sing happy birthday to her from their windows (video)

The Woman named Charo from Lavapies, Madrid, was called by her neigbor, and when she opened the door she discovered a birthday cake placed on a table outside her front door.

Immediately Charo stepped out of the apartment, her neighbours started singing “Happy Birthday” from their apartment windows.

A neighbor of Charo, Nacho explained to Sun UK that the 80-year-old woman is “going through a tough time.”

He continued: “The least we could do as neighbours is support each other. Charo is 80 years old, she is a person at risk. We do not know what is going on with our homes, but she is lucky because she has a contract for one more year. However, others have been evicted.

“She is going through a tough time and the least we could do as neighbours is support each other, especially where vulnerable people are concerned.”

Watch the video below..

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