Sexy steel insulted by lekki toll gate cashier

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Musician, born Abbey Chile Abuede, popularly known as Sexy Steel, shares a video as he gets mad after Lekki Toll gate cashier insulted him by calling him a wretched fellow.

The Toll Gate cashier expected him to drop his change with her for weekend.

He wrote:

“I swear to God I have never been humiliated like this since I was born….those that know me very well can testify that I mind my business a lot and never disrespect anyone especially women…..I got to the point I was meant to pay at the Lekki toll gate this night then I brought out 500 Naira note to pay, this lady at the toll said it was exact fare then I asked one of d boys in my car if he had 250 then have d 500 instead… then d next statement that came out of her mouth in Yoruba was “awon aku’se owo t’oye ko fun wa K’a fi se weekend, eko were yin lo” ( You wretched people,the money you’re suppose to give us for weekend, Go with your madness ). Then her colleague was trying to bring her attention to the personality of the individual she’s referring to but the next statement she said is; “T’alo Mo iya e ri” (who knows his mother). The hate is real. Let’s support ourselves in using her as a scapegoat to curtail hate speech in the society. #lekkitollgate”

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