Ladies Who Slap Men Should Beware — Alibaba

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Recently, men who physically assault their partners have been heavily criticized by the aggrieved populace. But hardly did anyone acknowledge that not only men commit this crime.

However, for the veteran comedian, domestic violence or physical assault is not a crime committed only by the male folk alone but also, by the opposite sex.

According to the humor merchant who never fails to speak on sensitive matters when the need arises, women who physically assault men whenever a misunderstanding ensues need to learn how to restrain themselves because one day their actions may turn around to hurt them.

“The fact that some people step back when you are angry and raise your voice, doesn’t mean they cannot do anything about it. Most times, it’s best to be better advised.

Most times, the reason the person is not walking away from your rant is that thing around his neck. It could be the job, the respect he has for you, financial dependency, religion or what people will say. I was brought up to know better.

Because one day, just one day, when the same people are pushed to the wall your barking and grandstanding would be humbled. Empty vessels make the loudest noise. A great philosopher once said, “Don’t do more than yourself.” Those ladies that like to slap men be warned”, he said.

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