Horrific video of a nanny beating a one-year-old baby and forcing her to eat her vomit

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This post first appeared in LIB . Mrs Valeria Aneke, sent in a shocking video of her maid, Eze Testimony Chinyere, beating her one year old daughter and forcing her to eat her vomit while feeding her. 

In a chat with LIB, Mrs Aneke said the incident happened on Wednesday May 1st at her home in Enugu.”I have smaller househelp that I employed in January.  It was the smaller one that hinted me that this is what Testimony whom I employed in August last year, does to my one year old baby who is my third child. 

When we went to my sister’s house recently, I decided to place my phone and that of my sister’s on record in the room while she fed my baby. After watching the horrific manner she fed her, I got the police to come and arrest her and she has been in their custody since on Wednesday May 1st.

Read ”This is a woman that when I employed her, she asked that I pay her N12 000 but I increased it to a round figure of N15, 000. I noticed she was uneducated so I enrolled her in an adult school here in Enugu. I pay her school fees monthly plus her salary. I also give her transport fare to school daily.I have been nothing but nice to this woman”.

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