Exclusive Interview With Mr. U David Patrick aka Mr. Nollywood

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Mynaijagist had an exclusive interview with Mr. U David aka Mr. Nollywood in a discussion on different matters concerning him and also why he is being called Mr. Nollywood.

INTERVIEWER: Thanks For Granting Us This Interview Can We Meet You Officially?

Mr. Nollywood : Thanks for having me my name is Mr. U David Patrick popularly known as Mr. Nollywood or Cruuzmarshal, born in Delta State Agbor am from the famous Royal home of the Uboh Dynasty, the ruling house of Ekuku-Agbor the ika people’s kingdom. Am the CEO www.Mrnollywood.com

INTERVIEWER: What’s your success stories and what do you do sir.

Mr. Nollywood :

Well, permit me to say am a Jack of all trade with a reasonable success rate in all my endeavors. I started out as a marketer for nutritional companies like Tianshi, GNLD, Forever Living Products, Green World, Kedi, Ardyss, Salad Masters, Edmark and many more.

Afterwards i then decided to join a gym business and after few years I was able to come up with my own ultimate fitness programs that can yield faster results then I used my skills set to help a lot of obese people regain self confidence and get a trimmed body. 

Because of my tremendous works, I was invited by the National Open University Radio Station to teach Fitness on their radio station which I did for some years with a lot of success stories, my show was tagged the FITNESS CAPTAIN radio show.

 I later decided to empower the youths by transferring my skills to them and helping to create jobs in my communities and as a fitness pioneer in Lagos, it gives me pride to see my boys and girls leading top gym centers in Lagos State and beyond.

I also ventured into the business of gym equipment sales and servicing because most people don’t know the right equipment to use. I spent years in supplying grade 1 gym equipment to every part of Nigeria and helping people make the right decisions.

As time passes by, i have gathered a huge trust from my clients over the years that’s why they give me their vehicles to sell for them, because of my big success in sales of vehicles I decided to go into car dealership business and I was able to integrate the business on my website. 

More so, people wonder why they call me Mr. Nollywood well it’s simply because I briefly sponsored the actors guild in my community by creating a website to make membership registration easy and to build a central database for the actors, my aim of supporting them was to make certain that they create more jobs for actors and aggressively attack sex predators in the movie industry, but the effectiveness of their  leadership back then was too weak for me to achieve my target, so I decided to go solo and i created a Mr Nollywood Actors Club and in 7 years we created lots of jobs and sponsored over 5,000 actors and we put out a lot of spy to help expose those directors and producers who always request sex for a movie role and am proud to say that we have conquered over 80% of this sex abusers in Lagos state successfully without any external help.

As part of my movie business i act as an agent to film makers who wish to sell their movies to cable channels like Africa magic and online streaming and local TV stations, i literally buy movies from film makers.

I also work as an independent business manager and adviser for new investors in my Lekki communities of Lagos state due to my vast experience in the community since 1990.

INTERVIEWER: In what way have you empowered your community?

Mr. Nollywood:

Helping my community is my core motivation in life, I started with voluntary organisations to empower my community and first was Nigerian Man O’ War Citizenship And Leadership Training Center With Course SS/371 and then Nigerian Red Cross Society of Makoko and kuramo college. I successfully used my membership with this voluntary organisations to empower youths by convincing a large numbers of troubled youths to join the Man o’ War and Red Cross to help change the society for good. We preached against violence, rape, and gave hope to rape victims and taught young girls real self defense techniques for free. We assisted the government of Nigeria to offer sex education to students and educated the youths about HIV and AIDs preventions. Every services I offered was for free for 8 years.

I have also assisted a lot of NGOs to battle malaria, cancer, obesity and countless campaigns in Lagos state and Delta state of Nigeria.

INTERVIEWER: Tell us more about your passions and hobbies.

Mr. Nollywood:

I have a strong passion for sports like rugby and American football and soccer and boxing and martial arts, I love swimming, acrobatics, weight lifting, biking and motorcycles, sport cars, skating.

Am a stunt man and a fight choreographer also.

INTERVIEWER: What projects have you worked on and which one are you currently working on.

Mr. Nollywood:

Mr Nollywood Has Featured On Major Nollywood And Bollywood And Hollywood Jobs As An Actor Or Stunt Body Double. His Popular Movies Are This: Africa Magic Series Hush, The Johnsons, Tinsel, Forbidden, Shelter Nest, Unbroken, also on Funke Akindele’s series like Industreet, and My Siblings & I, Jenifer’s Diary and on Mo abudu’s Ebony Life Tv cinema project titled OLoture, i featured in a zee world series, Tv commercial Stunt double for Dstv Compact advert with Nigeria soccer star Alex Iwobi, and Mr Patrick’s adventure series showing on tv nation wide, the fight choreographer for the cinema movie titled made in heaven and over 70 other movies.

Am on so many projects now that we can’t talk about yet. 

INTERVIEWER: Your opinion on the Nigerian entertainment industry and the way forward.

Mr. Nollywood:

The industry has changed a lot, Your talent is useless without a sponsor or a God father, media houses in the music industry will not play your song if you are not with a good budget to pay. 

Gone are the days that your talent will make way for you, but now it’s almost not possible. 

My advise for the entertainment industry people is to look beyond the money and start helping to give opportunities to the really talented people in the industry. Because we can’t grow the industry with rich yahoo boys who have enough fraud money to splash and no talent.

We need to compete with the international communities by giving the real talents a chance.

INTERVIEWER: Do you have any expert tips for up comers ?

Mr. Nollywood:

Yes I have a lot of expert tips for up comers.

If you are venturing into the movie Industry as a young lady or young man step 1. Get your skills upgraded and solidified because if you are a very talented actor, film makers will value and respect your talent. Most actresses without good acting skills end up using their body to forcefully get roles and the male actors without an acting skill always use money to get roles too.

I feel pity for up coming actors who wish to make acting a full time career, because acting only pays the established actors, and until you are established kindly get a side job or hustle to support yourself. 

For you to get acting jobs you need to go to a lot of auditions and if by chance you meet a member of Mr Nollywood Club they will assist you to join the club by recommending you.

If you are going into the music industry I will advise you to take it as a slow and steady journey because the music Industry is like fetching water with baskets. People think they can blow instantly if they spend a lot of money.

INTERVIEWER: Tell us one of your biggest secrets that you are proud about.

Mr. Nollywood:

Wow great! A lot of people think It was all rosy for me because am from a royal home but they didn’t know that I was a prodigal son for some years. When i Was in primary 6, I was very young and too full of self confidence so I decided to leave my family home in Victoria Island Lagos to discover my own success story. It was not easy because I was sleeping around the streets and bridges and worked as a bricklayer’s assistant and worked as a bus conductor, mechanic assistant, security guard, uber driver, as a street hawker I sold sachet water, recharge cards, clothes,

and life thought me to learn to appreciate what I used to have with my family. Because they provided me with everything I needed but I felt I needed my own success story.

It was from the streets I bought my first car and my first power bike and setup my businesses.

So am 100% grateful to God alone and i give God all the glory for keeping me alive to testify about his goodness. 

INTERVIEWER: Share with us the Links to your sites and all your social media handles.

Mr. Nollywood:

My website is www.Mrnollywood.com 
Facebook: @Mrnollywoodng and @cruuzmarshal Instagram: @mrnollywoodng and @realmrnollywood
YouTube: Mrnollywoodng
Linkedin: Mrnollywood cruuzmarshal
Vevo: @Mrnollywoodng.

Pinterest: @Mrnollywoodng

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