Celebrities are paying their debts- Escape night club owner reveals

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Celebrities are paying their debts - Escape night club owner reveals

Owner of Popular Escape Night Club, Richard Nnadi, who has threatened to release names of Nigerian celebrities that are owing his Night club in Lagos, has given an update on the situation.

On the post he just made via his Instagram page, the socialite wrote that he wouldn’t love to destroy the debtors’ careers, even though they didn’t have that in mind while they refused to pay back money being owed to him.

He wrote

Debts are been paid and others have been calling to make payment plans. Hopefully, We Won’t Need To Drop Names Tomorrow Cos I Would Hate To Destroy Peoples Lives The Way They Feel They Have Slowed Down Mine! Here Is A Sneak Preview Of A Fraction Of The List From Dec 2015 To Aug 2017 For Those In Doubt!’.

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