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Barrack obama reaveals favourite songs, books and movies of 2018

barrack obama reveals favorite songs music and books for 2018

Former President Barack Obama shared his annual year-end list of the books, movies and music that he “found most provoking, inspiring, or just plain loved” in 2018.

Michelle obama’s book becoming was placed first on the list of books which in no time became a best seller while also americanah by nigerian author chimamanda adichie was also found on the list.

Obama wrote:

‘As 2018 draws to a close, Iā€™m continuing a favorite tradition of mine and sharing my year-end lists. It gives me a moment to pause and reflect on the year through the books, movies, and music that I found most thought-provoking, inspiring, or just plain loved. It also gives me a chance to highlight talented authors, artists, and storytellers ā€“ some who are household names and others who you may not have heard of before. Swipe through to see my best of 2018 list ā€“ I hope you enjoy reading, watching,and listening.’

favourite songs

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